Those who think and learn differently from the general population.

Helping Brilliant Minds

It is estimated that 15-25% of the general population struggles with dyslexia or some type of language based learning challenge.  Basically, about 20% of the population learns differently than the typical person. This creates unique challenges for students, parents and educators.  The most important thing to realize is that learning like 20% of the population is not synonymous with being disabled. The 20%ers are the creators, inventors, thinkers, designers and gifted educators. Without them medicine would not be where it is today. There would not be light bulbs, phones, cars...the basic necessities of our modern way of society. These were all developed by those who were considered disabled.  However, help is often needed to improve in the weaker areas academically.  

The goal of this site is to provide the reader with information and resources about dyslexia and language based learning disabilities.